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Upon a suggestion

So, I had just found out I've had my same email adress for 10 years now, as of July 1st. Hadn't realized that. Now, I will propose a quick ode, as was suggested by a friend to talk about this occasion.
An ode to my email.
"My email has served me for 10 years.
In this new digital age, that is a lifetime to pass.
To take me from 15 to 25, a feat that is quite impressive.
From a character that I truly dispised the name came.
But even now, it serves, through 3 rules rewrites, and one cosmic reset.
8 larps it has seen.
Even if only 3 still are around, with one in limbo.
Many friends it has seen.
I wish I still had some of those emails.
From 2 megs, to over a gig.
I'm thankful that those who have known me.
Shall always know how to find me."
Thank you and good night.
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