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To wake from sleep

So I've had a character running in my head for a while now. A new Aet who popped up and has refused to go to sleep. So I finished putting together a CD for him. As fits a man who has been in deathsleep for longer than he was awake, the time is not exactly linear for where songs are, but they fit together.
1. How the Gods Kill - Danzig: The perfect song for a man who only knew war and conflict in his life. Even in his waking, life is taken. Also, the second verse works really well for what I saw for his waking "If you feel alive, have you got no fear? Do you know the name, of the one you seek."
2. Alone I break - Korn: Sleeping for 400 years to find a world vastly differnt than what you knew makes you question your exsistance. When you are also hounded by the hunger that strikes, you know you cannot make it alone.
3. First day of my Life - The Rasmus: Yet even knowing you can't be alone, waking up to remember nothing about yourself, but having haunting memories of someone you can't remember, but know you will never forget, you have to choose. Continue forward, or leave.
4. We Don't Die - Twisted: John Doe(As I've taken to calling him for lack of a better term) remembers somethings better than others. Darkness was not meant to rule, and that someone has to make the tough choices. To kill to save others soul from the damage. On his way to the realm, he runs into a Aet serial killer. Somethings just have to leave.
5. When the War Came - The Decemberists: To know the only thing you are good at in your life is war, when you despertly want to do anything but is a hard thing to deal with. John Doe cannot escape the one thing his is deadly good at... War.
6. I dare you - Shinedown: War takes it toll. He had two choices. Embrace the warrior and be supreme in war, but possibly lose his soul, or fight to learn what his life meant. He has choosen to fight to learn what he is meant to be.
7. Mother - Danzig: To fight when others would comprimse. To kill when others would forgive the unforgiveable. It is not a road to be taken lightly. John wants no one else to travel his path. Yet he will not stop someone when the take up the fight.
8. Land of Confusion - Disturbed: Evil is not something new. Fear mongering isn't either. These traits are as old as the communities humans have formed. Someone must fight for what they believe in. Though he wishes there was another way, he understands sometimes there isn't.
9. The Legionnaire's Lament - The Decemberists: John doesn't remember much, but he remembers he left someone behind when he went off to war. He knew that he had no other choice. Yet, why does it mean for him?
10. All These Things I've done - The Killers: This song all comes down to one sentence for me "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier."
11. Handlebars - Flobots: John has known people who could move nations. Bring them power, or to destroy them. He is a sworn of Greed. He understands the power of having power.
12. Aint' not rest for the wicked - Cage the Elephant: In the modern world John has seen a multitude of sins. In his weeks in Brazil, he was confronted by lust, wrath, and greed. The sins havely truly made themselve a home in his new world.
13. I want it all - Queen: Working for Greed, he has an intimate understand of the need for power and ability. His fighting style impowers himself and drains his enemies. He understands that now more than ever, this works.
14. Rum is for Drinking Not Burning - Sense Fail: John remembers faintly some things about his past life. He remembers that SHE saved him after a failed attack on HER ship. Without HER, he would have died, never knowing he was an immortal. He would have never learned what he had denied himself... That he needed to steal from others to live.
15. Inside the Fire - Disturbed : He remembers one thing frighteningly clear. That Leviathan, great enemy of life, father of Envy, took HER away. Leviathan ended HER life, and then offered the Devils deal. Work for me, betray them all, and I will let you be with HER again.
16. Endorama - Kreator and Lacrimosa: Leviathan hates life, because it is a cruel mockery of what he can never be. He is not a true creature of void anymore, but Levithan is trapped in this sphere, weakened, but still horribly powerful. He sees that life is nothing but pain. Any joy is fleeting... And if Leviathan can't have any joy, he will destroy everything so there is nothing left.
17. Save Me - Shinedown: John knows there was nothing he could have done to save HER, but he still blames himself. He has put himself into a place where it is nearly impossible to escape... But it is still possible.
18. Time of Dying - Three Days Grace: He had faced death many times before he found the truth. After living just 100 years, he had outlived many of his friends. In and out of the Society... And John still can't understand it.
19. Remember - Disturbed: Remembering after to so long can be hard. When you know that, with only a handful of exceptions, that you will outlive everyone you know, and that even those who have your lifespan can still die in the heat of battle makes it hard. Remembering the good things becomes harder with age.
20. Fade to Black - Metallica: 25 years after the disasterous conflict with Levithan, there was another horrible navel battle. He wound up shipwrecked on the coast of Brazil with only one of his friends. After weeks of wandering, he finnally asked his friend to help perform the ritual to put him into deathsleep. He had been without HER to long. HER replacement had come, but she had HER purpose... Not her soul. John needed to sleep.
21. Bring me to Life - Evenescence: Back to the present. As he has been awake longer, he remembers why he turned down Leviathan's offer to be with HER as Levithans servent. Something he had learned studying with Balthazar Sltoh... In the end, only the soul matters. Somewhere, SHE is out there. He will find her, and be with her once more.
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